So, starting with this interview, I’m doing a residency for Yahoo! Finance of sorts. Every second Tuesday I’m going to do a long-form interview. The topics? Whatever is on my mind that day.

Jen Rodgers asks all the right questions - why are bank earnings the most important tell for the market right now? I explain why I love to analyze the earnings to give me a high level view of the overall economy. This helps give me a clue to the mood of bankers, firms that borrow money to expand, and the effect of the tax cuts. While none of this will make you a billionaire trading stocks - it can help with practical decisions on rebalancing, how to invest new cash, and where to focus on when clients need money to cover their monthly expenses.

Also, it’s fascinating. . . We shot this in my office studio via Skype. I have to say the picture quality isn’t that bad and audio is what it is. Notice the twin posters of Twin Peaks - a reimagined movie poster version that for whatever reason I have two of.