Spring break along with first quarter are behind us. Below are some of the interviews I did while on a mini-week vacation with my family to Manhattan. Yes, I snuck in some quick TV shots in between taking my kids to a Broadway show, MOMA/The Met/NY Nat History Museum.

First off, a short but electric interview with Charles Payne. This got a ton of hits, and at the end you can hear Charles end with “Lee Munson, you’re the man.” What a compliment!

Second, I make my triumphant return to Mornings With Maria Bartiromo. She gave me over 5 minutes to chat about the tariff trades, if I would commit money that day, and thoughts on the new Fed governor. My favorite line is “I knew the gig was up.”

Third, a long form interview (I chopped it down to size on my laptop) for Yahoo Finance’s The Final Round. Jennifer Rogers is the best person to spend 30 minutes with talking about everything from Facebook’s data SNAFU, interest rates, to the private equity markets. This was also my second major interview not wearing a tie – which I seem to think is really cool.

Here is the bottom line: we had some buying opportunities and took advantage of them. Our team has disciplined market levels we are looking to rebalance. If you really want to know the levels and technical numbers we are looking at, just email me at lee@portfoliollc.com.