Maria asked me to be on her show for the very best segment anyone could wish for: Friday after a huge week of earnings. Basically, I get to recap the most important things of the week – after getting a chance to actually sleep on it and think about what matters most. That’s rare for TV interviews and I’m blessed for the opportunity. So, we talk about Amazon, and how the bears wanted to define them by tweets from Trump – like that determines revenue! Are earnings too rosy for next quarter? Maybe. Is Apple going to beat? I don’t know, may not. Is oil going to derail markets? Probably not, I don’t buy higher prices with this much supply – come on, Saudi Arabia is trying to go public, prices will get fixed higher for a while. And lastly, I riff on European bank earnings and throw Deutsche Bank under the bus for incompetency and suggest Barclays is another Wells Fargo with bigger fines.