What Everyone Ought To Know The Day After The Election

Take a step back and look towards the future now that a frustrating election cycle has ended. We have been in a media lock down where everything from your morning commute to retirement portfolio has been politicized. Let me explain the real long-term effects of what just happened.

A.I. and Your Money

"The industry is expecting clients to feel better and better about letting a computer know what is best for them but it isn’t working! How can a computer ever know that you work two jobs, or just had a baby, or just retired from 30 years of service from a company with complicated pension schemes?  How can a computer know that you have multiple streams of income and your portfolio is only one of them?  How can it know what your Social Security strategy is?"

The Brexit Vote Was About Immigration, Not Economics

“Why can’t we be honest about what is going on today? This was a populist vote to throw immigrants out of the UK. It was a referendum asking the British if they felt better off than 15 years ago. On top of that, 99% of Wall Street and their London counterparts thought leaving the EU was never going to happen.”

GDP: Can’t Trade It!

Lee Munson, co-founder and chief investment officer of Portfolio Wealth Advisors, investigates GDP.

It’s The Stores, Not The Consumer

Ashley Webster (@AshWebsterFBN) filled in for Liz Clayman (@LizClaman) to interview Lee Munson, Founder and Chief Investment Officer of Portfolio Wealth Advisors on Fox Business Network’s hit show Countdown To The Closing Bell. We asked Munson his thoughts right after the interview.