Summer in the city!

It's true, I love to fly out to NYC to see Maria and talk markets. She knows how to get to the heart at what is moving markets - it's her trademark superpower since she started taping on the floor of the NYSE more years ago than is polite to mention.

In this interview we talked about the Fed, and how I feel investors fundamentally don't understand the difference between Powell and past Fed chairs. Then we had to react to the ADP jobs numbers - what a horror story. It just feed my theory that we should be very careful and expect a re-test of some sort of the December lows. Okay, I'm not saying we go all the way back down (I'm not saying that won't happen either!); I'm just explaining what I'm doing for my clients on their time horizon.

Not everyday needs to be a trading day - but everyday I need to understand what is moving markets and separate out noise from reality. I also talk a little about where I would buy and take off exposure.