My hair looks great - Thanks Jessica!!!

Nothing is better after writing a big check to the IRS than being in NYC doing some interviews on my favorite shows. Okay, seeing my dentist would be better than writing a check to the IRS . . .

Okay, I admit it - I love to talk about bank earnings. Why? It tells you a lot about the health of the economy. This helps me with my portfolio management work by giving me insights. Specifically, if banks aren't expanding their loan book, the economy will find it hard to expand.

How does this help my client's? Well, if you have a major correction in the market and bank stocks are still expanding, we may make slightly different choices than if loan books are shrinking. Markets are always volatile - and you want to have a basic situational awareness of the fundamentals before pulling the trigger on a portfolio rebalance. Remember - just because you buy low cost index funds doesn’t mean you can forget the fundamentals of investing.