Every second Tuesday Yahoo! Finance does a interview with me from the office (via Skype) on whatever it is that I want to talk about - what a treat! It’s been 10 years of slogging through financial media in order to get to the level where I call my own shots and only talk about what I want. I earned it. So, this interview was simply a referendum on the the earnings season, jobs numbers, and the so-called trade war. To sum it up, expect more volatility through the summer.

To be honest, I did my buying for our clients in a global rebalance back in early February, so this summer I’m just looking for big swings up or down to either add money for new cash, or maybe take some profits - I don’t have a crystal ball, but my guess is that we won’t see new highs until later this year. However, just to be clear, I really don’t know. All I do know is that around 2500 on the SP500 I would like to rebalance and add more equity exposure, and around 2900, give or take, I want to rebalance and take profits from what I bought in February. Everything else is just stuff to chat about on TV. Since Yahoo! Has a younger demographic, I usually skip the tie and dress adventurously. Here I have a coat and shirt from Scotch & Soda, last season. They are an awesome boutique design house out of Amsterdam that has some stores here, I usually hit the San Francisco shop, but they have one in Las Vegas now. Also, I put up my Dr. Strangelove and Blade Runner movie posters behind me. The producers suggested I put my marketing stuff up like I do on TV, but this is my only opportunity to show what my office looks like.