Last month all the shows on Fox Business were changed around. As most know, I like the 5-7pmET for interviews because they fit with my family time.

So - the new show at 6pmET (still produced by the incredible Charles Gould who rocketed Charles Payne to crush Kramer in the ratings...) is now the Evening Edit with Elizabeth MacDonald. Okay, I'm not a fan of the name, at all. However, Elizabeth is a host that I respect. She's tough, all business, and I've had the pleasure of sitting next to her a few times when I was back in NYC doing on set work with Payne.

Today was my first hit, and Blake Burman was filling in. What did we talk about? How Apple is a barometer for big tech, the oil prices that didn't spike, the so-called trade war, and the spiking dollar.

If you want to geek out and listen to what I really think this week - here it is.

I tried on a new tie, black with small flowers down the middle - current season for Paul Smith. Jacket is custom from Stitched in Las Vegas.