It’s always a pleasure to be asked to appear on a big show. It’s even better to have Lauren Simonetti simply ask me what I think about markets and let me talk. One of the advantages of being in the News Corp studio in midtown Manhattan is feeling the energy of a live set. When it’s just you and the host, you have the time (having time on live TV is relative, of course) to develop an idea and get a few things out there you can’t do when arguing with some other guest about a topic you don’t care about. 

I tell it like it is – I expect a small pullback, but that’s not a new idea. I talk about where to invest capital when the market has done well and spent a summer going sideways. When asked about the big central bank meeting in Jackson Hole, I say we won’t get any bombshells. However, if there are any hawkish comments that cause a pullback – you want to think about buying that dip. 

Remember, there is a reason I’m asked to be on these shows. I provide a high level reality check on what the media is selling.