Last week I was asked to be on The Larry Kudlow Show to talk markets with the man himself. As Chief Investment Officer of Portfolio Wealth Advisors, I’m in charge of communicating our investment strategy. Not to mention coming up with said strategy and executing it.

Here is the link:


arry Kudlow started having me on as a guest years ago when he had his top ranked CNBC show the Kudlow Report. Ever since then he has been supportive of my views. Well, most of the time. This half-hour interview covers basic questions like, will markets see a big correction or light selloff? How will profits play into this rally?

One of the things Larry talks about that most in the financial media ignore is the effect of currency on stock and bond returns. Since this is radio, we have a lot more time to talk about important issues beyond the sound bites. For that reason, radio has always been a favorite medium of mine.

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