Portfolio Wealth Advisors CIO Lee Munson was asked to appear on top ranked Fox Business show, Countdown To The Closing Bell. Ashley Webster, guest host filling in for Liz Clayman, asked Munson why the markets continue to surge despite a disappointing 1Q GDP report. Click on the link here.

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Lee makes the following points:

1. Investors are moving shares forward, or merely sideways over the last few months in anticipation of tax cuts for corporations. This will immediately increase profits.

2. We don’t know if the short-term effect of tax cuts will translate into increased corporate spending and investment in people and equipment. That is the uncertainty that only time will reveal.

3. Don’t focus on dividends, focus on great companies and asset classes that you can buy at a discount. Usually those parts of the market already pay great dividends.

4. From cloud computing to advanced manufacturing, focus on profits.

5. History has shown that stocks that sell for less than their peers have higher performance than overpriced garbage.