Lee Munson was interviewed in the May 6th edition of Albuquerque Business First. He attributes his success as co-founder and chief investment officer of Portfolio Wealth Advisors to always being himself, and putting forth all the effort required to “not only be an expert in your industry, but an industry expert.”

Lee spent a good part of the 1990’s and 2000’s on Wall Street, and still remains embedded in the stock market. He often appears on Fox Business and in Forbes.

He sees New Mexico and his life “on the mountain” as giving him every bit as much opportunity as New York did, and he encourages everyone living in the state to ignore any naysayers and realize the great business opportunities that exist. Portfolio Wealth Advisors is growing and successful, and he lists many other successful businesses in the interview as well. (Link below.)

Lee wakes up each day and tells himself to just, “Be Lee.” He recommends that everyone be true to themselves.

”See the goal with perfect clarity and achieve it through higher standards. Put 100 percent into everything you do, career, family, skiing, whatever. If you are an A-type, be true to that even in your sleep. This energy doesn’t stop, it gets better with age.”

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