For Immediate Release

Lee Munson, co-founder and chief investment officer at Portfolio Wealth Advisors, was asked his opinion on the top-rated Fox business show, “After The Bell”. Ashley Webster was filling in for Liz Claman for the interview in which he asked for Munson’s investment strategy for the second quarter. We asked Munson what he thought about the interview. Link to the video is here.

“Ashley was polite and professional as always when filling in for Liz, who has been a big supporter of my unique way of bringing out the big picture on a chaotic market. I really wanted to focus on a few stocks as examples of the big picture of what is going on, and how investors can commit capital after a huge run up since February 11th. Instead of discussing my usual love for evidence-based investing, I gave the crowd what they wanted – a few stock picks. Keep in mind our clients are baby boomers who are at or near retirement and want to spend more time on the mountain, but when you want to capture the viewer’s attention, you pick a few stocks that are an example of a larger overall picture.

For instance, we discussed Unilever. Why? It’s got the trifecta of what we look for going forward this year. First, it’s cheap and in the ballpark of undervalued securities in from the developed international asset class. Let’s just call that international value. Second, it pays a dividend of around 150% of what the S&P 500 pays and even more than a 10-year treasury. Cash flow counts when you get into a volatile period. Third, if the dollar stops going up every day like the last few years, US-based investors will benefit from our currency going down against the Euro. This creates a tailwind for international stocks. Plus, when things get crazy, people buy what they know. Just remember that back in 2008 McDonalds was one of the only big blue chip stocks that when up. Come on, the world was ending and people knew they had a 99 cent menu. Case closed! Can’t wait for the next hit with Liz – and hope to see her live in May.”


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